Upper Cervical Care and Functional Neurology

We deliver state-of-the-art upper cervical chiropractic care in West Jordan, UT along with Functional Neurology. Our approach is customized to each and every patient.

We deliver truly customized care every patient deserves

We don’t play wack-a-mole with your symptoms

This advanced Upper Cervical realignment procedure can have a profound impact on any and every system of the human body. We truly get to the root cause so our patients get better faster, without needing to get popped, twisted, or cracked. Check out our Brain & Spine Upper Cervical Chiropractic Reviews , no really, check em out!!

We pull out the weeds. Roots and all!

Before finding us many of our patients were lost in the medical labyrinth that only addressed their symptoms. Unless you get to the root cause, the weeds keep on growing back. We strive to deliver real and lasting change so your body can heal.

Did you know your gut is considered “The second Brain”?

hypothyroidism, mood disorders, along with many chronic diseases and autoimmune illnesses are often unresolvable until the gut is healthy. Through targeted blood testing we identify if you have a “leaky gut,’ which foods your gut is sensitive too, and which tissues of your body are being attacked as a result in these disturbances in your gut.

Dr. Harrison Salisbury, Upper Cervical Chiropractor in West Jordan, UT

Upper Cervical Care Chiropractic West Jordan, UT

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