Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology

Your neurologist couldn’t pinpoint your problem on an MRI?

Conventional neurology tends to measure pathologies as black-and-white with one side being normal function and the other being stark neurologic disease such as strokes, tumors, and other gross changes. Many of our patients suffering, whether from symptoms of low thyroid, abdominal irregularities, headaches, balance problems, or cognitive decline, etc, walk away from their doctor without answers to their health challenges because their blood tests are considered “normal” or other tests come up negative.

West Jordan functional neurology instead sees dysfunction of the nervous system as a spectrum of colors and shades looking for subtle changes that impede the patient even before they turn into blatant pathology. We ask more questions, use more detailed neurological exams, look at related systems of the body as they may contribute to the primary complaint, and test more blood markers. In order to treat the person and the cause as a whole we have to see the person and the cause in context.

Brain Dysfunction and neurological deficits many times are overlooked by conventional practitioners since these things don’t show up on an MRI or in a “normal” blood range until the disease process is past the point of no return. At this point the treatment options are reduced managing the condition while the disease process gets worse and worse. Integrated Functional medicine doctors look deeper in the the blood labs and look at more markers even comparing multiple systems of the body pinpointing which areas of the brain and body have deficits and then using a comprehensive approach to solving the problem.

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RightEye™ – Vision Therapy

Who is this for?

Anyone with a neurological deficit. Eyes are the only system of the body that can identify every lobe of the brain that isn’t functioning properly. Optometrists and Neurologists alike rely on eye movements to diagnose brain dysfunction. Here’s why we use it in our clinic:

  • This cutting edge technology records/measures the eyes ability to perform various functional tasks allowing the doctor to prescribe customized exercises to “re-calibrate” the eyes to the brain.
  • After following a customized functional vision protocol your brain should be functioning better and the RightEye test will validate those improvements with an improved score!

This software is critical in identifying problems and rehab for conditions such as:

  • Concussion
  • ADD
  • Migraine
  • Sport Enhancement
  • Cognitive decline
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Autism
  • Stroke
  • Auto Accident
  • Back Pain

Here’s an overview of what it does

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How valid is it?

This system is used by Optometrists, functional neurologists (like us), and professional sports teams alike. Dozens of professional sports teams use RightEye™ to screen prospective players to see who has the best eye dexterity, reaction time, and eye-brain coordination capability. The software also has games and exercises to enhance areas of deficit that were revealed from the testing.

As all Neurologists and Optometrists know, eye coordination offers a true and specific window into brain health. The FDA has cleared the RightEye™ system for recording, viewing, and analyzing eye movements in support of identifying visual tracking impairment in patients.

Using advanced eye-tracking technology and analytics, the RightEye™ system is the first portable, all-in-one solution for vision-derived health screening, tracking eye movements and correlating them to health issues.

  • Functional Vision Screening — RightEye™ functional vision test helps to quickly and objectively identify a host of functional vision issues that affect quality of life and automatically recommends computer-based exercises patients can do at home.
  • Reading Assessments — RightEye™ Reading EyeQ tracks reading proficiency in real time, identifying hidden vision issues associated with learning difficulties.
  • Sports Vision Assessment & Training — RightEye™ Sports Vision EyeQ identifies opportunities to strengthen performance-related aspects of vision, while Sports Vision Trainer offers personalized exercises to athletes looking to improve coordination and reaction times.
  • Brain Health — RightEye™ Brain Health EyeQ showcases the severity levels of vision skill problems and how this may relate to brain performance. It also provides computer-based vision exercises to help address oculomotor issues.

Check out the latest announcements for RightEye™

Here’s a Medical resource detailing how brain conditions are diagnosed via particular eye tests.

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