Uncover 8 Facts Regarding Migraines in Men

March 21, 2021|Migraine / Headache| by Harrison Salisbury

Migraines top the list of personal and business concerns. People diagnosed with this condition struggle with debilitating agony. Every migraine chiropractor in West Jordan knows for a fact that a person dealing with migraines may complain of a stiff neck, balance problems, and headaches. Businesses also have to contend with absenteeism and productivity issues.


General Facts

Before we consider details specific to men, let us review some absolute facts regarding migraines.

1. Ranked 3rd of the world’s common ailments

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines make it to the top 3 most prevalent conditions worldwide.

2. No specific targets

Although instances of migraines are more common in adult women, this illness can target anyone. Gender, race, and age do not significantly influence the risk levels.

3. Family roots can be a gamechanger

A relative with migraines increases your chances of experiencing attacks. Genetics is a crucial migraine risk indicator.

4. 9 of 10 sufferers have productivity issues during an episode

Migraineurs, or people with migraines, often have no choice but to stop what they are doing during an attack. The pain level can be so intense to overwhelm the senses. Other symptoms like light sensitivity make it difficult for employees to work at their desks, offices, or anywhere light streams in. Unless the migraineur is working underground, this is a severe problem for both the employee and the employer.

5. The agony lingers

Dr. Harrison Salisbury, our migraine chiropractor in West Jordan, points out that migraines are not something people can quickly shake off. Not only do episodes linger, but the symptoms as well. Aside from this, stiff neck, stomach sickness, and fatigue can last for days.

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Men and Migraines

1. There is a significant number of men afflicted with this condition.

Finding the right number is almost impossible because male migraineurs may opt not to log their cases. Unlike women, men often do not complain about their migraines until things get a turn for the worst. Not being considered a statistic is a likely reason why men keep things close to heart.

2. Men can rebound from the effects of a migraine attack.

In the same token that women can cope with migraines and live better lives, men can. Putting up with this condition does not have to be a permanent sentence.

3. Men are likely to develop chronic migraines.

According to Migraine Buddy, male migraineurs pose a higher risk of progression from episodic to chronic migraines. Episodic attacks do not last for 15 days in a month. Chronic sessions recur and linger for at least half a month. 

4. Episodes can be less severe.

The attacks men experience can be less debilitating compared to those experienced by women. Estrogen, a hormone found in women, plays a crucial role in aggravating migraines. Since men have low levels of this hormone, this might be why they do not have as disruptive attacks as women.

5. Military men are likely to experience migraines.

On top of PTSD, migraine, stiff neck, body pains, and headaches are common issues veterans raise. These conditions share one thing in common: trauma. Such devastating events and jobs often lead to neurological problems that trigger pain and discomfort. 

6. High-impact sports raise the risk of migraines.

Generally, men are more inclined to participate in contact sports. These events are platforms for the display of power and strength. All this is good until the effects of the body and head blows start translating into migraines. Sometimes, the intensity of the strikes can cause concussions and spinal misalignments due to dislodged bones. Both contribute to worsening migraine attacks. 

7. Male migraineurs often think headaches and migraines are the same.

We now know they are not, but sometimes both conditions have similar symptoms that we can’t fault men for thinking that way. Why is it important for men to distinguish between the two? Primarily because both have different courses of treatment. Headaches can be taken care of by OTC medications, while migraines need more attention than pain medicines.

8. Men tend to keep their pains to themselves.

While this is admirable and is a prominent display of strength, men should start being more open. Doing so is critical for family men. Our migraine chiropractor in West Jordan shares a reminder that migraines can become part of someone’s genetic makeup. If you are a parent, would you keep from your children the risks linked to their lineage? Hopefully, you will do your best not to hide this important detail from your kids.


Care for Male Migraineurs

These tips are also applicable to women with migraines. The approach is customized to men, though.

  • Manage your stress levels.

Whether you are a veteran or a corporate executive, managing your stress is critical in lessening the migraine impact. Trying to dismiss it won’t do you any good. Working through the pain will aggravate it. Worse, you might be in a precarious situation where the effects are too much to handle.

Remember that the Migraine Research Foundation disclosed that this condition’s economic impact is close to $40 billion every year. How you handle your situation will affect you personally and financially.

  • Prepare your migraine care regimen.

Be it pain medications, your healthcare and chiropractic professionals’ contact number, stress balls, or dark sunglasses, prepare them. Although migraines often give a warning before an impending attack, it is best to be ready.

  • Get professional help.

Understanding what is happening in your body might be challenging. Why don’t you have yourself thoroughly checked by medical experts, including chiropractors? Upper cervical chiropractors deal with spinal misalignment issues that might cause migraines, stiff neck, headaches, and body pains.


Get Help from A Certified Migraine Chiropractor in West Jordan

Dr. Harrison Salisbury can help male migraineurs understand how the body influences the condition. When you work with Dr. Salisbury, he will present your imaging scans results, showing alignment issues. 

When dislodged bones and discs lead to narrower pathways, the nerves cannot smoothly transmit messages to the brain. When this happens, the signals can get mixed up, which will affect the commands sent to the rest of the body. By restoring alignment using the latest technology and a targeted approach, male migraineurs might start experiencing relief once the body’s communicating channels are back in place.

Imagine the possibility of not being worried about debilitating pain that can cause you to miss work. Come and schedule your session with Dr. Salisbury now. Find out if upper cervical chiropractic care is the natural solution to your migraine issues.


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