What to Expect
Day 1

Consult, Exam, and X-rays

During your complimentary consultation you can share what issues you are having with your health and wellbeing. You will be able to ask any questions and we’ll share our unique approach to healthcare. If you feel that we are a good fit to move forward, we will do a detailed exam to identify where your health is currently. We will also take detailed x-rays to identify any misalignments in your spine, determine your specific subluxation, and assess the precise correction needed to help your body heal.

Day 2

Report of Findings, Initial Correction, and Post X-rays

After the x-ray analysis, we will present the findings with you and explain any issues we have found. At this point, you will receive your first upper cervical correction. This precise and gentle adjustment will help restore your body’s function and ultimately your health. Then, post-adjustment x-rays will be taken to verify that the misalignment is being corrected according to