A West Jordan Upper Cervical Chiropractor Sheds Light on the Link Between Neck Pain & Migraines

April 18, 2021|Neck Pain| by Harrison Salisbury

Have you ever experienced neck pain and migraines at the same time? Don’t worry! Neck pain is a known migraine symptom, and many people experience it too! If you ask a West Jordan Upper Cervical Chiropractor, they will tell you that there is often a connection between the two. Read on to learn more about the link between neck pain and migraines.


Neck pain and migraines may often go hand-in-hand; however, there are effective ways to manage both conditions simultaneously so they don’t interfere much with your life anymore. One of the promising methods is upper cervical chiropractic care. 

Sometimes, an unaddressed misalignment in this area is the culprit behind your pain and discomfort, and correcting them is necessary to alleviate your symptoms. Get your upper cervical spine alignment checked in our office. It’s the necessary first step before we make any adjustments. Call (801) 784 8217 or use this form to set your appointment.